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Phone Mount for the Volkswagen Baywindow Bus (T2)

Phone Mount for the Volkswagen Baywindow Bus (T2)

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Enhance your Volkswagen Baywindow Bus driving experience with our custom-designed Volkswagen Baywindow Bus Phone Mount. This innovative accessory is tailored for Baywindow Bus owners, providing a secure and convenient way to hold two smartphones within easy reach. Eliminate distractions and drive safely while staying connected on the road.


Two Options:

   - Standard Cell mount

   - Cell Mount with USB Outlets and Wireless Charging


- Dual Phone Compatibility: Our phone mount is designed to hold two smartphones simultaneously, offering a practical solution for both drivers and passengers.

- Optimal Dashboard Mounting: Enjoy easy access to your phones with this mount that attaches seamlessly to the center dashboard speaker grill, ensuring clear visibility without obstructing your view of the road. 

- Custom Fit for Baywindow Bus: Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, this phone mount is precision-engineered to snugly fit your Baywindow Bus. It seamlessly blends with your vehicle's interior, preserving its classic appeal. 

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